Advanced Level Registration

Application for Enrolment in Advanced Level Classes (Grade 12-2023)

1. The minimum requirement for enrollment is six simple passes in any six subjects including Medium Language (Sinhala) and Mathematics with three credits at the G.C.E. O/L Examination 2022.

1.1 A student who has obtained six simple passes and two credits can be considered if only he fulfils a credit pass for one of the subjects he has passed, through School Based Assessments.

1.2 If a particular student has a weak pass for Mathematics, he can be considered on the basis of having passed six subjects inclusive of three credits. However, passing medium language is a must.

2. To enroll in a particular subject stream, the student must fulfil the basic requirements of that subject stream. They are mentioned under each subject stream.

3. A particular subject is offered to a student if only there are a sufficient number of students to study it. In such situations, the student is advised to select an alternative subject offered in the same stream.

4. Science Stream and Commerce Stream offer opportunities to study in English medium.

5. After the enrollment, the student should maintain 80% of attendance in order to be eligible to sit G.C.E. A/L Examination.

6.Applications are exclusively accepted online. kindly adhere to this process for submission.

** The qualified applicants are requested to complete the following application and submit it on or before the specified closing dates: December 8, 2023, for internal students, and December 12, 2023, for external students.Interviews will be called to the students who have submitted during the mentioned time period and  have full filled the basic requirements .The selection procedure is subjected to the government circulars.

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** Subjects to be offered at the Advanced Level

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